Show your personality with these shiny zentai dress.

Zentai is a Japanses word and it means a skin-tight garment that covers the entire body. The word is a abbreviation of zenshin taitsu(full body tight). The zentai were made of all kinds of nylon and spandex, but other materials such as cotton and wool are used as well. At the beginning, there are only original zentai. Afterwards, they evolved to various styles, such as superman zentai, flag zentai, animal zentai, etc.

The tight and colorful zentai suit transforms a normal person into amusement for others. In major cities especially in Japan, zentai suits are becoming an increasingly common sight as recreational wear for both men and women at a wide variety of events ranging from conventions to dance clubs, furthering the growing popularity of the subculture.

You will not regret to put the zentai on.

There may be several reasons for people to wear zentai. You will get the feeling of being totally enclosed and separated from the rest of the world. You will meet other friends who are fans of zentai and have a lot of fun to enjoy yourselves as well. zentai suits also have another important function: pyjamas. These people who sleep in zentai suits feel safe and sleep better at night. The basic zentai has a zipper in the back, so you can easily get into or take off your zentai. Many options are available for you to make your perfect zentai. You can choose "crotch zipper" or "fingers departure" options. Since there are so many benefits to wear zentai suits, why not join us now? You must be fascinated with zentai soon.

They are all new and well designed to fit your body.

How to breathe? For the zentai is made of fabric and not latex, people can breath through the mask quite easy. The shiny zentai suit always made of nylon or lycra blend, a similar fabric to what is used for swimming maillot and bike shorts. There are also different blends, including cotton or lycra with a matta surface and smoother feel. At the same time, you can select "open mouth" option.

How to see? The people who had weared the zentai must know that while wearing the lycra zentai, it is enough to do simple task. The quality of vision is relative to the thickness and color of the material. Dark colors will offer you better vision. The light color also plays an important role, soft and diffuse light makes one seeing easier. Meanwhile, you may select "open eyes" option to custom to make your own zentai suit.

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A growing number of people wear zentai suits to take part in some theme parties, cosplay shows, acrobatic performances, watch matches and etc. Today wearing zentai suits becomes a fashion trend, especially for many fans to watch matches in zentai suits. When you at a party or costume show, don't be shy to get close to pretty girls, come to say "hello" to her, maybe she will like you to take off your hood and kiss you. That would be amazing. You are no doublet to catch everyone's eyes. Just enjoy yourself. Are you a fan? Are you a faddist? If you are, please don't miss the chance to be more fashionable. Dress up with flag zentai suits or unique DIY zentai jerseys to yell and watch matches in the stadium. You will be the most attractive guys.